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The Drop-In Centre at St. John’s Church Burnley is a thriving community , hosting Refugees and Asylum-Seekers from many different countries, who gather there each Tuesday afternoon for a chat and a warm welcome. The volunteers who run the centre are full of enthusiasm and bright ideas, and really encourage the participants to mingle and speak English. Food is always served and people sit and chat informally whilst nibbling. The children are looked after and given exciting things to do by Su, whilst their parents are in class.

There are two English classes, one for beginners, (or not-so confident people) 12.45 – 13.45 and the second 14.00 – 15.00 for more advanced learners, both taught by Noreen, our main ESOL teacher,  with a handful of volunteer classroom assistants. We have a proper classroom with nice whiteboards, and we hope it is a welcoming environment. Students are encouraged to talk to each other in pair or group work at both levels and it is very interesting to see people from such different backgrounds all communicating happily in English.